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4 Reasons Why I Love Living in Hawaii

I’ve been thinking about what I love about my home state, particularly the island of Maui, as the holidays approach. For a few years, I was living in California and attending college. Since the move back, I’ve found myself appreciating where I grew up. Whether you’re considering a move to the 50th state, grew up out here, or simply wish to visit Hawaii, I hope that you enjoy reading some of the things I love about living in Hawaii.

1. The awesome weather

No matter what time of year it is, the weather is pretty good. There are only a few days a year that feel really muggy and hot (usually in the middle of summer) and the Hawaii version of a cold day is a day that stays in the low 70’s! The temperature has never reached 0°F or 100°F, so the heat and the cold both are comfortable and bearable for people and pets.

Maui rainbow fall

2. The outdoor playground

There’s no question that Hawaii is blessed with some of the best natural playgrounds the world has to offer. Whether you’re into surfing, hiking, or just laying on the beach, Hawaii has a natural environment for you. With all of the proven mental health benefits of staying outside, it’s no wonder Hawaii residents tend to be generally happy.

On Maui, I’ve gone on rugged forest hikes followed by afternoons at the beach. It’s a good life and it’s great to be able to enjoy the outdoors, not just costly indoor adventures. Plus, I should mention: it’s just beautiful, with world-class sunsets almost every night.

Paia Bay, Maui town

3. The food fusions

Hawaii has some of the best fusion cuisine in the world, and its a point of cultural pride to bring together different flavors and ingredients to make something special. Whether it’s general takeout food or fine dining, there’s good food to be had at almost every price point (although the cheaper stuff isn’t as cheap as L.A., where I was in school).

Food tends to have an emphasis on sustainability and quality; after all, it’s easy to see the effects of doing things wrong (and doing things right) on the land. Plus, nice restaurants tend to have a very casual atmosphere; if you want to eat in a t-shirt and shorts, they’re happy to serve you. All kinds of people from all walks of life are comfortable at restaurants.

4. The aloha spirit

Of course, the best part of living in Hawaii is interacting with the people. Every island has its own unique sub-culture that, once it’s gotten into your heart, will always feel like home. The aloha spirit is a real thing, and it’s a privilege to get to live in a place where people care about each other, know each other, and show love to everyone they meet.

Hawaiian phrase Aloha

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