Self-Catering? Where To Shop For Groceries on Your Maui Vacation

Sure, going out to eat on vacation is a big part of the fun of a trip, and Maui has no shortage of great restaurants and dining options. That being said, if you are staying in a condo or room with a full kitchen, there’s no reason not to have a few meals in, or bring packed lunches to a beach day or on your car trip. Here are some of the best places to get groceries on Maui.

Where to buy the basics

groceriesFor standard fare…like bread, breakfast cereals, meat, and all of your other run-of-the-mill groceries, try Safeway, Times Supermarket, and Foodland.

Of all of the grocery stores on island, Safeway’s produce is the most standardized, and other than a few unusual cuts of fish at the fish counter, it will probably feel the most familiar. If you want to try mixing in some local food or pick up a musubi while you’re getting the rest of your groceries, try Foodland.

A heads up: if you have a Safeway card, it will work in Hawaii. Foodland has its own loyalty discount and rewards card, and Times runs its sales without a loyalty card (while I’ve found a lot of the specialty pastas and such that I prefer at Times, it’s worth noting it’s also a little more expensive). Foodland Farms in Lahaina has a little more fresh produce, but is a smaller, supplementary store.

Locally Grown Produce

For organic, natural products, visit Whole Foods or Down to Earth in Kahului and Mana Foods in Paia. Down to Earth is much smaller than Whole Foods, but it’s generally a little less busy, and the hot food counter (while more limited than Whole Foods) is usually the first place I want to stop after a flight or if I’m running errands in town.

Both Down to Earth and Mana Foods really prioritize stocking locally grown produce, and both emphasize foods for vegans and vegetarians (the hot food counter at Down to Earth is entirely vegetarian, or has been every time I’ve visited).

Kula pumpkin patch farmer market

The Kula Country Farms Produce stand in is worth a visit if you are in Upcountry Maui and is a great way to support local farmers. They sell fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, and freshly baked goods.

kula pumpkin

Stocking up

For food in bulk, visit Costco. Just keep in mind what will be left behind. If you realize you may not finish something if you open it, like a new tub of ice cream, feel free to leave it behind. Most hotels and condos allow their housekeeping staff to take home food guests leave after checkout, especially if its still sealed.

Costco does require a membership card, but if you already have one, it’s a great way to get plenty of basics at a reasonable price.

We also have farmer’s markets! 

Maui groceries Banana bread

There are farmer’s markets and craft fairs that meet all over the island. The most popular meets at Queen Ka’ahumanu Center in Kahului every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. We like their delicious inexpensive banana bread. Check those out as well!

And finally… 

because of shipping costs and the distance between Hawaii and the mainland, groceries are more expensive on Maui than you may be used to. Even with the added cost, you can save some money and time by picking up your groceries at the local markets instead of eating out.

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