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What is Maui-Mex?: Local Twists on Mexican Food Favorites

You may not have traveled to Hawaii with Mexican food on your mind. However, the Aloha State is home to some great Mexican restaurants, especially on Maui. There, you’ll find that there’s a food scene all of its own, complete with fusion cuisine that makes Hawaii a foodie’s paradise.

What is Maui-Mex?

Maui-Mex is Maui’s take on Mexican food (much as Tex-Mex is Texas’s spin on Mexican food).

It tends to be a little milder than Tex-Mex or California Mexican, but the fusion of sweet pineapple flavor into the hotter salsas and the Asian influence is not to be missed while you’re in town.

Great fish!

Hawaii’s food scene is already full of great fish dishes, and you can expect to eat some world-class fish tacos here on the Valley Isle.

One of the best places to get fish tacos is The Fish Market in Honokawai, just north of Lahaina. In any case, you can find great fish tacos just about everywhere that sells them here.

Every restaurant has its own interpretation; some lean more heavily on Asian-Mexican fusion and others use island fish with traditional preparation. Locals take food seriously; if you see local cars parked outside, it’s probably a great place to eat.

Maui Tacos

If you’re looking for a bit more Mexican food menu variety but still want to experience the Maui-Mex taste, try one of the several Maui Tacos locations.

The food is reasonably priced and most of the locations are close to other attractions, such as Front Street or the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center.

My Mom’s Favorite…

Finally, I would be remiss to leave out Amigo’s (my Mom’s favorite–she grew up in Southern California), which serves up some great food in three locations on Maui. Enjoy!

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