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What to Expect When Visiting Maui in Fall

The majority of visitors to Hawaii come during the summer months (May to September) or over the holiday season (late December to early January). Fall is therefore considered a ‘low’ season in Hawaii. However there are a great many benefits to visiting Maui in fall, and not least because it is less crowded by other tourists!

What’s the weather doing in fall?

Maui rainbow fall

The temperature in Hawaii is typically warm the year round and the presence of the trade winds mean it rarely gets too hot.

You may encounter some rain in fall as it gets further toward the winter months. The great thing about Maui is the sun will be shining somewhere on the island, so if you hit bad weather then just hop in the car and drive for 10 minutes until the sun appears. When it does rain, it is guaranteed you’ll see some stunning rainbows not longer after!

Towns at sea level like Lahaina and Kihei are consistently warm whereas head up Upcountry and it can get a little cold. We recommend you pack a warm sweater (or two!) if you are planning to explore Mount Haleakala (particularly for sunrise).

Can you see whales in fall?

Humpback Whale Hawaii

A whale breaching

Yes, in late fall you can see whales. Around November time the whales start arriving in Hawaii. This is a treat to see, and a great perk to visiting Maui in the fall and winter months.

You’ll be able to spot the whales from the shore by the jets of water they spout into the air and their tails crashing up amongst the waves as they dive down deep into the ocean. If you go out snorkeling, then be sure to listen out for the sounds of whales calling to each other under the water.

To really make the most of the opportunity, you can go on a whale watching tour and see these giant creatures up close. You’ll spend a couple of hours zooming about the ocean tracking down whales and learning about them from your expert guide.

What special events are there in fall?

There are a great number of events happening in Maui in the fall.

Halloween: For those wanting to celebrate Halloween in Maui, Lahaina town hosts an event each year, with crazy costumes and live music and food. This is by far the most popular Halloween event on Maui, attracting upwards of 20,000 people.

Made in Maui Festival: If you’re looking for authentic Maui souvenirs and gifts, then the Made in Maui festival in Kahului is a great place to go shopping and sample different produce. It takes place each year in November. Featuring over 140 vendors there is bound to be something which takes your fancy. Check out the website for full details.

Kula Country Farm’s Pumpkin Patch: Families will enjoy a trip to the Kula Country Farm’s Pumpkin Patch in Upcountry Kula which has shetland ponies and rabbits to admire, as well as many many pumpkins and pretty stunning views accross the island.

Thanksgiving: Maui is a special place to celebrate thanksgiving. Many activity providers put on thanksgiving versions of their events to make the occasion truly special. Why not attend a thanksgiving day cruise or luau, and make it one to remember?

Have you been to Maui in fall? What was your favorite thing to do?

maui in fall


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