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Upcountry Ziplining at Piiholo Ranch

Current offer: Kids go free and big discounts for adults

A short while ago my wife and I had the chance don harnesses deep in the Upcountry of Maui and discover Piiholo Ranch Zipline.

Any reason to get in to this part of the island is welcome as far as I’m concerned. As you begin to ascend mountain side the air cools, the views open up, and the traffic thins … bliss.

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Just past the friendly – and very much worth exploring – town of Makawao you will find Piiholo Ranch Zipline nestled alongside the road.

Welcome to Piiholo Zipline

Welcome to Piiholo Zipline

There’s ample parking (find the shady spot under a tree) when you pull in and the registration hut is obvious. After introducing ourselves we filled in our paperwork, grabbed our gear and met our guides for the day.

The view from the road

The view from the road

The air might be cooler up here, but don’t be deceived – the sun is just as strong. There is shade along the way, but cover up and slap on the sunscreen. Sunburns can be costly, both in the immediate and later on too.

Receiving the safety briefing for the day

Receiving the safety briefing for the day

Our guides were excellent. They know their stuff and they’re a blast to hang out with. The safety briefing takes place by the first zip tower and covers the positions (‘starfish’!) you’ll need to adopt when hurtling down the ziplines. All pretty straightforward really.

The view from the top of the tower: the first zipline of the day

The view from the top of the tower: the first zipline of the day

A quick climb up the tower and you’ll sound be clipped on to a line. Offering 4-abreast zip lining your friends and family can fly side-by-side.

3-2-1 ... Go!

3-2-1 … Go!

The harnesses are really comfy; snug like a hammock. There’s nothing to it. Sit down, lift your feet … and then gravity does the rest!

Well, if you bring along a selfie stick you might as well ...

Well, if you bring along a selfie stick you might as well …

If you take a camera – and we recommend it – make sure you have a way of securing it to your person. I had a draw string around my wrist, but I would have preferred a carabiner to my harness. If you drop your camera from a zipline, say over a gulch, you could quite easily be spending the rest of your vacation looking for it!

Shelter from the sun at Piiholo Ranch Zipline

Tables and canopies keep you rested and out of the sun.

Along the way there are shady benches to relax at before moving on to the next line. Part-way round the course refreshments are provided with water, juices, snack bars, and chips to choose from.

The views afforded some of the routes are truly stunning (check out the video). The valleys open up and it’s possible to catch a glimpse of the ocean sparkling on the horizon.

It’s possible to get a little lost in the view, and then all of a sudden realise you’re heading for a big ol’ tree house. It’s a good thing the landings are well thought out! Lots of space to touch down and a big cushioning-thingy on the wire absorbs any excess speed.

We zipped down four lines, with longer routes available, over a couple of hours. We didn’t ever really feel like we were hanging around doing nothing. It didn’t get old watching the others on our tour take off/land, and as I said, the guides were great. Lots of stories, some of which might even have been true …

Video from our day at Piiholo Ranch Zipline

It was my wife’s first time zip lining, and she loved it. We both had a ton of fun. Big thanks to the staff for making it a great time out! We’ll be back.

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Piiholo Zipline is now offering free kids (with a paying adult) on the following zipline tours:

Additionally, there are new ‘Super Saver Adult Rates’ available on these zipline tours:

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