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UFO Parasailing on Maui

Parasailing is fun. It really is. The concept is straight forward: get on a boat, get strapped in to a harness beneath a parachute, let the parachute out on a winch, climb to 1,200 feet and soak in the views.

UFO Parasailing offer tours on both Maui and the Big Island. We recently went out on the Maui┬átour and we took our camera with us …

UFO Parasailing - The UFO boat

We’re up early and ready to go; it’s a good day for parasailing. We leave Kaanapali Beach on a small dinghy and are escorted to the UFO boat sitting patiently out at sea.

Kaanapali Beach from the UFO boat

With all the passengers aboard (there were 8 in total on our trip) we head out to sea.

Wil and Jonathan parasailing with Kaanapali Beach in the background

It’s not long before we’re strapped in to the harness on the back of the boat. Before you know it you’re gaining height and as we climb the noise of the boat subsides and more of Maui comes in to view (that’s Kaanapali Beach in the background).
Parasailing selfie

Selfies are pretty much obligatory when parasailing.

View of Lanai from 1,200 feet, parasailing with UFO off Maui

But don’t get too self-absorbed! The views from up in the air are breathtaking. The pilot on the boat does a great job moving us around so that we can get good views from all points of the compass.

Here we have Lanai in the background (right).
Maui at 1,200 feet from UFO Parasailing tour

When turning back towards Maui, at our full height of 1,200 feet, we are treated to a view normally reserved for sea birds. It’s pretty much silent at this height, leaving us alone with our views and our thoughts.

Note the GoPro attached to the harness. UFO will video your tour for you (optional) leaving you free to simply soak in the experience. (No pun intended – you’ll see shortly).
UFO Parasailing crew will take your photo

As well as taking video of your tour, the crew on the boat will snap away with their telephoto lens and get some great shots of you.

UFO Parasailing - photo from the boat You’ll be presented with your photos and video as you get back to land
UFO Parasailing - starting the descent

After a good amount at full height we slowly make our way back to sea level.

Getting ready to dunk in the ocean

We soon realise that that boat is all the way over there … but we’re still descending, over water …
Spotting the landing

It’s now quite clear to us what’s about to happen as we stare at the water below.
Making a splash with UFO parasailing

By this time the sun has climbed higher in the morning sky and the water feels good!
Getting thoroughly wet with UFO Parasailing

The captain makes sure we’re completely wet.
UFO Parasailing off Maui

All part of the fun ­čÖéAll smiles after our water landing with UFO Parasailing

Smiles all-round.

UFO Parasailing Crew

Back on the boat and we’re swapping stories with the crew, who get mistaken for Breaking Bad characters from time to time.The Sheraton Hotel at Ka'anapali, Maui

We keep our camera to hand as we get some great shots of Maui. Here’s the Sheraton sitting proudly atop the cliffs at the north end of Ka’anapali Beach.UFO Parasailing - fun for the whole family

Watching the rest of our group is (almost) as much fun as being up there ourselves. This father and son had a blast.

UFO Parasailing silhouette

We heard lots of laughs as they came down to land!
Kaanapali Beach

After everyone has their turn we head for the beach, getting great views of the hotels as we come in to land.
The Sheraton at Ka'anapali, Maui - Hawaii

There’s lots to see and do on and around Ka’anapali beach. From great snorkeling off Black Road (top left of the photo), shopping at Whalers Village, and many fun restaurants – you can make a day of it here.

Book Your UFO Parasailing Tour

UFO Parasail┬átours are available between May 16th and December 14th (dates outside of these are unavailable as it’s whale season and fast boats are prohibited in coastal waters).

Book your parasail tour with Ohana Fun today and take advantage of great rates, including some early-bird specials.

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