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The Te Au Moana Luau in Photos

The Te Au Moana Luau, at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, is one of our favorite luaus on Maui. It boasts a fantastic ocean-view, top-quality service, great food, and a spectacular show.

Of course, choosing your perfect luau on your Hawaii vacation can be tricky. There are so many options! You can use an online guide for comparing luaus side-by-side … or, you can look at photos!

Here are 22 photos (and 1 video) from a recent trip to the Te Au Moana Luau. Enjoy!

The drinks at the Te Au Moana luau are gooood

After arriving in Wailea you’re going to want to get a drink from one of these guys. So, Mai Tai or Piña Colada? With an open bar all evening, this doesn’t have to be a choice.How do you open a coconut?

When you arrive there are Hawaiian craft stalls and other fun activities to take part in.
This guy is very happy to be holding his coconut

Like opening a coconut …
Opened. Now all we need is a rum and a straw ...

Well, to be more specific, you watch a pro do it. With one swift smack from a rock. Simples.Hula dance on the stage at the Te Au Moana luau

Hula dance is the story of the evening. Actually, the story of the evening will be told through the hula dancing. To get us going, a little welcome dance.
The lovely ladies of the Te Au Moana luau

You’ll be given a lei – the traditional Hawaiian flower wreath worn around the neck –  upon arrival. But the ladies may want to further adorn themselves with a flower, placed behind the ear. Just make sure you choose the correct ear for your flower
Helen enjoying a drink at the Te Au Moana luau

Drinks + leis = big smiles.Enter the pig

The arrival of these guys signify that food is not far away. The traditional Imu ceremony, where a pig is cooked slowly by hot stones, in a pit, is a highlight of the Te Au Moana Luau.Time to feast!

You’ll be called up table by table to the buffet. There’s enough for multiple-servings for those who skipped lunch and went surfing all day.
Count it: 3 types of meat.

Although after your first serving – including steak, chicken, pork, Taro, Hawaiian sweet potato, and a little salad – you may well be done. There’s plenty of desert too, if feast-sized portions of meat isn’t enough.All smiles at the Te Au Moana luau

You too will look as happy as this guy when you tuck in to you food. The show is about to get underway in ernest …
The band do a great job all evening

Your band for the night. And boy can these guys play. They’ll be serenading you and accompanying the dancers as they tell their story.
The beauty of a Pacific sunset at Wailea

That prime ocean-front location really comes into its own as the sun begins to set. There’s time for you to grab a photo on the shore with your friends and family. Or better yet, grab one of the show’s own photographers. They do a great job of getting the best shots and you can pick up your photo before you leave at the end of the evening.
Energetic dancing at the Te Au Moana luau

Yup, these guys are energetic. I call this ‘The Hummingbird’.
It's 2,500 miles from Tahiti. By canoe.

It’s 2,500 miles from Tahiti to Hawaii. The first people that came to the islands came by canoe, and then would often make the trip back to Tahiti again. 5,000 miles across open ocean. In a canoe. And we, in our ‘advanced’ civilisation get lost on the way to the show because the GPS didn’t work …
Great views from all the seats at the Te Au Moana luau

Everyone’s attention is held by the performers. These guys are seriously good.
Can you see that?

Wishing upon a star.The hostess with the most-ess.

Your lovely host for the evening will narrate the stories. Oh, and she can sing too.The colors of the luau are incredible

The costumes for different acts make this a truly multi-sensory experience. The vibrant colors work well against the backdrop of the fading sun.The Queen of the luau

Hands up who’s enjoying the show!

VIDEO: Trying to catch fish can be tricky …
Keiki dancing at the Te Au Moana luau

Audience-participation. You know it was coming. And often it’s the kids who steal the show.The torches are lit as the dancing continues into the evening

As the night draws the torches are leading. Preparing us for the dramatic finale …This guy has talent. Twin torches blaze as he twirls them around his body on stage.The spectacular fire dance fittingly concludes the evening’s proceedings.

Have you been to the Te Au Moana luau? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Add a comment below. Aloha!


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