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Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of Maui Beaches

If you are visiting Maui, chances are, you are already fantasizing about the beautiful miles of sand and sea the island is known for. Here are ten tips for getting the most out of your trips to Maui beaches.

Top Tips for Maui Beaches

1. Check if the beach has a lifeguard on duty. Most Maui beaches are not guarded by lifeguards, including the world-famous Ka’anapali beach. If you want the experience of the famous Maui bays, but feel more comfortable with having a lifeguard on duty, check out one of our favorite west-side beaches, DT Fleming Beach Park.

Lifeguard Hut at D. T. Fleming Beach Park

Lifeguard Hut at D. T. Fleming Beach Park, Maui

2. Swim together. Not only is it more fun to swim with others, but it is significantly safer.

3. Beach access and parking can be tricky; plan accordingly. All Maui beaches (in fact, all beaches across Hawaii) are public property, and owners of beachfront property are not allowed to restrict access. Look for the blue beach access signs if you are having trouble finding the entrance to the beach. Also, some of the more popular beaches have very limited beach access parking – arrive early.

4. Know what kind of beach you want to visit. Many of the best snorkeling bays on Maui, such as La Peruse Bay or Honokeana Bay, have rocky shorelines and are not ideal for relaxing or small children. Likewise, many of the sandier beaches do not have the coral reef of the smaller, rocky bays. Ka’anapali Beach is the best choice for both snorkeling and relaxing on shore. If you are not fussed about snorkeling, try Napili Bay after breakfast at either the Seahouse restaurant or the Gazebo.

5. Sunscreen. Water. Repeat. This may go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: the sun in Hawaii can lead to sunburns. Make sure to reapply sunscreen any time you leave the water or towel off, and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

6. Tanning? Earlier is better. If you are looking to get a great tan, the sun is strongest early in the day. Parents, the morning is also slightly cooler than the afternoon. Make sure to apply more sunscreen than you might think is needed.

7. Treat sunburns quickly. Bottled aloe vera is available at almost every grocery or convenience store on Maui; make sure to pick up a bottle if someone gets a burn. Not only will the aloe help with the sting, it will also help the burns heal faster.

8. Bring lunch and salty snacks. 
Speaking of dehydration, bringing salty snacks, such as potato chips (or a personal favorite, Garden Salsa Sun Chips), will make drinking water more appealing and replenish lost electrolytes. If you are planning on spending a full day at the beach, pick up some subs from a local market, as many beachfront restaurants are on the pricey side.

Watching the sun set behind Lanai from Kaanapali Beach

The south end of Kaanapali Beach at sunset

9. Plan for at least one sunset. Maui sunsets are absolutely stunning; make sure that you catch at least one (or several) beach-side sunsets. If you have been considering getting photographs  for graduation, an engagement, or family portraits taken, there are plenty of lovely, professional photographers on Maui who can help you arrange the ideal photoshoot.

10. Ask locals for tips. If you’re looking for anything on island, the locals can help you out, and beaches are no exception. If you have any questions about waves, locations, or best times to visit, locals are generally happy to help.

Have fun out there! Have a great tips we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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