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Rainy Day Activities In Maui: Things To Do When It’s Raining In Paradise

It can rain in Hawaii, but that doesn't mean that you should write off your day! Check out our top tips for having run on a rainy day.

Hawaii is known for its picture perfect sunshine, sparkling waters and dazzling beaches. It can therefore be a bit of a shock for vacation goers if they are faced with a rainy day or an unusually wet week in Hawaii. While rain on any vacation is disappointing, it doesn’t have to spoil your fun. There is lots to do in Maui whatever the weather!

So, what can you do when it rains in paradise?

Well, for one thing you can drive to another part of the island. The weather is so variable that you’ll often discover a totally different climate in another part of Maui. South and West Maui are the warmest and driest parts of the island. Check the weather forecast, it is rare that the whole island will be under deluge at any one point!

If you’re booked on an outdoor activity then get in touch with your activity provider and see what they recommend. (If you booked through Ohana Fun, get in touch with us or give us a call (808) 214-9283) You may be able to rearrange your booking for a later date or they may say the rain will blow over and it is worth going ahead.

Maui’s Rainy Day Activities

Here are 5 suggestions for what to do on a rainy day in Maui.

1) Go Shopping and Watch an Indoor Hula Show at the Mall

Maui Malls, Outlets, and other places to go shopping

Take advantage of the rain and get some shopping done. Maui is home to various indoor shopping malls, which are great for browsing for souvenirs and clothes. Many of the malls also have entertainment on such as hula shows, so you can experience some Maui culture whilst you stay dry indoors. Check out our full guide to the different Maui malls here.

2) Visit the Maui Ocean Center

Let the underwater world come to you and visit Hawaii’s top rated aquarium. This is a great day out for kids and adults alike. You’ll see sharks, turtles, rays and a lot of tropical fish!

If you book with us, you can get a 7 day journey pass for the price of one visit so you can keep going back during your Maui vacation.


Maui Ocean Center Aquarium

From: $27.95

3) Visit Lahaina and Maui’s Museums

Take an umbrella and go to Lahaina. There is a lot of history to see in this old whaling village. You can visit the Historic Baldwin House where you can hear about the first missionary to Maui, as well as the wonderful Wo Hing Musuem which celebrates the first Chinese who came to Hawaii. Lahaina has lots of shops and restaurants too, so it is easy to spend a day out of the rain here. Check out our Lahaina guide here for other ideas.

There are other excellent museums on the island too. You can learn more about the history of Hawaii’s sugar cane industry at the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum.

4) Catch a Movie or a Show

Maui is home to various cinemas, with the best being the Regal Cinemas Megaplex in Maui Mall. You can also check out the Maui Arts and Cultural Centre (MACC) for the latest shows on the island. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask what entertainment they have on offer during your stay.

5) Relax indoors with a Massage

Maui Massage

With so many high quality hotels on Maui, there are lots of luxurious spa facilities you can enjoy. Vacations are all about getting relaxed and refreshed so book yourself in for a massage and don’t stress about the weather.

What to Avoid When it’s Raining in Hawaii

As rain often blows over quickly in Hawaii, you may wish to brave the outdoors. However there are some activities which could be a bit of a disaster in the rain. Here is what you should avoid:

1) The Road to Hana

This is a very beautiful drive, with many beautiful sights to see along the way. However, the road is winding and difficult. Tackling this one in the rain could potentially be quite dangerous as well as a bit miserable!

2) Waterfalls

Don’t visit waterfalls in the rain, as they are often liable to flash flooding. This means you won’t necessarily see the danger until you’re stuck in the middle of it. Waterfalls are best visited a few days after the heavy rain has passed, when they are looking full and the sun is bouncing off the water.

3) The Beach

Don’t bother visiting the beach in the rain, unless it really is just a passing drizzle. The sea becomes murky which is unsafe for swimming, and rubbish for snorkeling in. Makena beach doesn’t get too much rain being on the south side so you could head there if you’ve been rained out elsewhere on the island.

What are your favorite rainy day activities in Maui? Let us know in the comments.


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