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Maui Swap Meet – Hunting for Hawaii Gifts & Souvenirs

Heidi and friends going to the Maui Swap Meet

Me, Jessa, and Ethan’s arm on our way.

Recently, I took a couple friends with me to the Maui Swap Meet, and here’s what we found out: it’s kind of awesome.

We got a slightly later start than expected and made it to the swap meet from
Lahaina at about 9:30. I was a little worried that sellers would be running low on product (which happens very early in Los Angeles, for example), but the place was bustling and busy with activity.

The Maui Swap Meet is hosted at the local college (University of Hawaii Maui College) and there is plenty of shaded parking. Admission is 50 cents (cash) and re-entry stamps are available.

Sellers at the swap meet cater to tourists and locals alike, but overall it is more like a farmer’s market or craft fair than a traditional swap meet format.

As far as swap meets go, it is in a smaller lot than most, but sellers made up for it by having dozens of different, unique products, many of which are made by local artisans. In addition to plenty of craft, souvenir, and tee shirt stands, there were also some local farmers selling produce.

Finding Souvenirs and Gifts at the Maui Swap Meet

If you’re looking for unique gifts to bring home, this is the place to go.

Unlike a lot of souvenir shops (or even Front Street) the swap meet has a nice balance of inexpensive and high-end gifts, and the money you spend generally goes straight to the maker or artist, rather than back to a larger company.

The gifts are also unique, meaning that you can give totally personal gifts without having to hunt for hours. Jessa bought some earrings for friends at college, and I’m going to head back for a necklace.

Food at the Maui Swap Meet

The swap meet doesn’t have much in the way of lunch food, although there are a few food trucks every weekend.

Your best bet is to get smaller food items at the swap meet (such as kimchee fries, malasadas, shave ice, or the like) and get lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Photos of the Maui Swap Meet

Over to you …

What is your favorite thing you’ve found at the Maui Swap Meet? Let us know in the comments!

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