6 Maui Coffee Shops Worth the Stop

Looking to try some different coffees on island, or find that coffee shop that makes you feel at home? We’ve compiled a list of Maui coffee shops we love that will get you some good brews, great service, and a taste of local favorites.

The Coffee Attic


Maui Coffee Attic

Three words: New Wailuku favorite. The Coffee Attic is a small, locally geared coffee shop about five minutes from the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center. I went with two friends (who you may remember from our Maui Swap Meet blog).

We ate lunch at Baale (a local favorite) across the street and headed over afterward. Jessa got a honu mocha, Ethan got a POG slush with li hing mui powder, and I got my iced soy chai latte  – this time, with frozen coffee cubes instead of a shot of espresso. After a long day of shopping and swap-meeting, it was lovely to sit down in a big, comfy chair, play a couple rounds of Guess Who?, and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Coffee Attic is a little pricier than some of the other coffee shops, but well within the “local shop” range. Plus, they are big on community events: while we were there, a board game tournament was going on downstairs, and they mentioned that Free Range Comedy was performing that night.


59A Kanoa Street
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Hours: 6AM – 6PM (closed on Sundays)

Bad Ass Coffee Co.


Bad Ass Coffee for sale on Maui

You can buy Bad Ass Coffee to take home with you

Bad Ass Coffee Co. is the almost-family-friendly coffee shop of the islands, with its famed donkey logo and the legend of the braying donkeys. As far as coffee shops go, they know what they’re doing with drinks.

Of all the Maui coffee shops (many of which will end up in future blog posts), they have my favorite chai latte. I happened to visit Badass with a friend who is a dessert chef at Ko, and she informed me that the mix Badass is using is made entirely (or almost entirely) out of real spices.

While neither Maui locations has a ton of seating, they do have some great t-shirts, mugs, cold cups, etc., as well as bagged coffee (and chai mix!) for all your friends and family back home.

Address (Honokawai Location): 

3636 Lower Honoapiilani Road
Lahaina, Hi 96761

Hours: 6AM – 5PM (Till 1PM on weekends)

Maui Grown Coffee Co.

Lahaina Town

Maui Coffee Shops: Maui Grown Coffee Co.

Located on Lahainaluna road besides the smokestack (believe me, you’ll see it), Maui Grown Coffee Co. is your best bet for finding several varieties of Maui-grown coffee.

When I mentioned that I was writing a blog on different Maui coffee shops, I was immediately given samples of all the varieties of coffee and roasts sold and brewed at the store, all of which were grown on Maui in Ka’anapali. My favorites were Ka’anapali Golden Estate and Lava Flow, but I enjoyed all five. The iced soy chai latte was good, but I was more caught up in the coffee than anything else, and  returned to get a full cup later on in the week.

Maui Grown Coffee Co. in general has good specialty drinks, but I think they shine the most if you are looking for a ridiculously good cup of coffee (perhaps with a bit of cream and sugar).

If you want a taste of genuine Maui coffee, this is the place to stop. Again, they don’t have much seating, but the drinks alone are worth it, and you can take plenty of brews home by buying a bag of coffee.


277 Lahainaluna Road
Lahaina, HI 96761

Hours: 6:30AM – 5PM

Napili Coffee Store


Napili Coffee

The Usual Suspects at Napili Coffee

I grew up in Napili, so Napili Coffee was already near and dear to my heart. However, as a dutiful blogger, I knew I had to go back and see if I remembered it well. As it turns out, I did. Their soy chai in particular is a little on the sweeter side, so I asked for mine dirty (with an added shot of espresso), and it was perfect.

Unlike Badass or Maui Grown, Napili Coffee has room to sit and chat, and there’s no rush to leave. I definitely recommend ordering a pastry or two, as all of their food is prepared in-house with fresh, tasty ingredients. They also sell several varieties of Hawaii coffee, including some interesting blends. Grab a chair and a book from their book corner, use the WiFi, and enjoy hanging out at a local favorite.


Napili Plaza
5095 Napilihau St
Lahaina, HI 96761

Hours: 6AM – 6PM

Maui Coffee Roasters


Maui Coffee Roasters

Checking out the artwork at Maui Coffee Roasters

Located about five or so minutes away from the Kahului airport, Maui Coffee Roasters boasts a large and well-lit interior, decorated to a Maui-rock-and-roll tee.

When I visited, I was on my way to pick my Mom up from the airport and very tired, as a kind stranger pointed out. I stopped by around noon – the store was packed and the line was short. I broke my chai tea streak and got a Maui Red cold brew iced coffee. As a native to Maui, I may be biased, but let me tell you: Maui coffee is good. The cold brew in particular was full-bodied and mildly citrus-y without tasting acidic or too “forward” (that feeling when the bitterness hurts your teeth). I added a dash of cream and sugar and was on my way.


444 Hana Hwy
Kahului, HI 96732

Hours: 7AM – 6PM (closed at 4PM on Sundays)

Wailuku Coffee Company


Wailuku Coffee

Relaxing in comfort at Wailuku Coffee Company

Wailuku Coffee Company is located next to a used record store and between the island’s two main theatre companies (Maui Academy of Performing Arts and Maui OnStage), and the vibe inside the shop matches the motif. Unlike some of the Lahaina locations, all the of the Kahului and Wailuku stores I visited had plenty of room to sit and chat, plus couches and tables for longer stays.

The drinks here are good (though I prefer the Coffee Attic’s range of blends and specialty drinks) and the snacks and pastries are lovely. They don’t sell much in the way of bagged coffee, but Wailuku Coffee Company is a local’s hangout, and if you are looking to get off the beaten tourist path, this is a great place to stop.


26 N Market St
Wailuku, HI 96793

Hours: 6AM – 5PM (8AM – 3PM on Sundays)

Maui locals: don’t worry! We’ll be re-visiting coffee shops and tasting more drinks in the future. 

6 Maui Coffee Shops worth the stop

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  1. Bill says:

    Thank you Heidi! Great info, there are few that I am going to have to check out.

    My favorite at this point is Maui Coffe Roasters. After 2pm is “Happy Capi” $2 Cappuccino!!!! YUM!

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