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Lahaina Craft Fair: Shop For Hawaii Souvenirs And Gifts

The Maui Craft Fair on the West Side has moved to Lahaina Gateway, right along the main highway as you head toward the resorts and across the street from Safeway, the most popular grocery store in Lahaina. I visited the Lahaina Craft Fair the other Sunday, and this is what I found.

Unique products which make great gifts

The Lahaina Craft Fair has some of the same sellers as the Maui Swap Meet in Kahului (which you can read about here), but I found that overall there was definitely more emphasis on hand-made or unique screen-printing, rather than the same t-shirts at more than one stall.

I’d recommend visiting both, particularly to get the best gifts for your friends and family back home. If you’re staying on the West Side, the Lahaina Craft Fair is certainly smaller, but the selection is pretty impressive, and I didn’t have any trouble finding things that relatives and friends would genuinely appreciate, all within a reasonable budget.

Shop local and celebrate Hawaii

There were several stalls at the Lahaina Craft Fair that impressed me as a local, selling products that seem island-inspired without just saying “Maui, HI” or some variety, so there’s definitely something for everyone (in fact, I’m probably going to do quite a bit of my upcoming gift shopping there).

Up-and-coming island brands were present, and overall as a local I felt like celebrating Hawaii while I was there, through art, and flavors, and clothing.

Try the tasty snacks

Foodwise, you’ll probably want to eat at one of the local restaurants for a full meal, but the food trucks have great desserts and snacks to try.

Give it a go and enjoy an afternoon! Admission is free, and the Fair happens every Sunday from 9-2.

Lahaina Craft Fair

Have you visited Lahaina Craft Fair? Let us know what you bought in the comments!

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