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A Day at Ka’anapali Beach: Stretching Sands, Whaler’s Village and Black Rock

Ka’anapali Beach

Watching the sun set behind Lanai from Ka'anapali Beach

The south end of Ka’anapali Beach at sunset

Ka’anapali Beach on Maui is one of the most famous and delightful beaches in the world. It is often the top pick for magazines and travel companies. The beach itself is beautiful, with stretching sand and waves that are perfect for kids almost every day of the year.

As well as enjoying the beach itself there are several other great stops nearby which are worth checking out.

Whaler’s Village

Ka'anapali Beach

Looking back at the Northern end of Ka’anapali Beach, with the hotels and shops behind

The main part of Ka’anapali Beach is located just in front of Whaler’s Village, one of Maui’s favorite shopping centers.

After a few hours at the beach, rinse off the salt and sand and head into the shopping area, where you can get anything from jewelry to a new bathing suit. If you spend part of your afternoon shopping, you’ll probably work up an appetite, which is great, because Ka’anapali Beach is also home to a variety of…

Top-rated restaurants

Despite being known the world over, Ka’anapali restaurants come in all budgets (including fast-food restaurants for quick midday fuel).

Check out Hula Grill, Leilani’s, or Relish Burger Bistro for great food and service just off the water. If you’re looking for live music, check out Hula Grill’s Beachside Bar, where local musicians entertain most nights of the week.

Black Rock

Ka’anapali stretches for hundreds of yards, all the way to Lahaina. However, the most famous single spot is Black Rock. You’ll find Black rock a five minute walk down the boardwalk from Whaler’s Village.

Black Rock is famous for its great snorkeling reefs and generally calm water, as well as the never-ending stream of thrill-seekers who jump off the cliff face.

Ka'anapali Beach - Black rock torch lighting

The Sheraton’s Torch lighting and Cliff Diving Ceremony at Black Rock

Just before sunset, the Sheraton hosts a re-creation of an ancient Hawaiian ceremony which completes their Maui Nui luau. Torches are lit and a man dives into the water, replicating the actions of King Kamehameha the First, years ago. The ceremony lasts only a few minutes, but watching it is the perfect way to wrap up your day at the beach.

Have you been to Ka’anapali Beach? What are your favourite things to do there? Let us know in the comments.

Kaanapali beach and black rock

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