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Jet Skiing in Maui

Jet Skiing is quite the adrenaline rush and can provide you with the most fun you’ve ever had! Whether you ride tandem or single, you will surely have a great time. Pacific Jet Sports in Maui delivers a spectacular opportunity to have a blast out on the water with your family or friends with incredible views of the West Maui Mountains, Kaanapali Beach, and the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

After checking in (PJS umbrella on the beach by Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, Kaanapali), a boat will come straight up on the sand. Climb aboard and you’re on your way out to the dock. Once you arrive to the Jet Ski dock, you will take care of any payments, set up photography if desired, and sign your waivers. Then you can put your belongings in a cubby, grab a life jacket, and listen to the safety briefing. Once you’ve finished the briefing, you’ll be on your way. They’ll help you onto your machine, push you into the water, and you’re ready to go!

The Jet Skis used by Pacific Jet Sports are extremely easy to operate and are exceptionally safe. The throttle is a handle you squeeze and to slow down, you simply let go of the throttle and slowly come to a stop. To start and shut off the engine are simple push buttons. When you’re in the free zone area, you can feel free to turn the Jet Ski as sharp as you’d like!

Fall off? No worries! Your jet ski will immediately turn off, and you can climb back on and go about your way. Even if the Jet Ski flips upside down, there are easy to use handles to safely turn it back over! There are employees on jet skis riding around the whole time as well and are ready to assist whenever it is needed.

Pacific Jet Sports truly offers a unique and fun experience for everyone! Enjoying the ride with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is a thrill and will leave with you with memories to last a lifetime and plenty of stories!

Top Tips for Jet Skiing

Ready to go?! Check out three top tips that will help to create an unforgettable experience for you:

1. Purchase the hour long ride – trust me, you’ll be having so much fun that when a half an hour rolls around, you’ll be sad to leave. Having that extra half an hour will let you continue having a blast in the warm Pacific waters!

2. Get the professional photos taken. On the dock are photographers just waiting to take your pictures that you will cherish for years! For a small extra fee, high quality cameras will capture amazing action shots of you and your group! 50+ pictures are put on an SD memory card that you get to take home!

3. Looking to have a real adventure? Ride tandem! Riding tandem allows you and somebody else to ride on the same jet ski. It’s a blast splashing around and doing circles and figure eight’s in the free zone area as you or your friend hangs on to you! You’ll be laughing non-stop!

**Attention all Go Pro camera users! This activity is a perfect opportunity to use your Go Pro camera. Having the camera attached to the Jet Ski and capturing the action and facial expressions are priceless. All you need is the suction cup mount. For extra security, you can attach a lanyard to the camera and wrap it around the side mirror to capture it in case the suction cup releases during the ride. It is approved by the staff and is of course used at your own discretion and Pacific Jet Sports nor Ohana Fun/Maui Activities can be held liable for any damage or loss.

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