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Photos of the Hyatt Drums of the Pacific Luau

An Evening at the Hyatt Drums of the Pacific Lu’au


The Hyatt Drums of the Pacific Lu’au is hosted in the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, at the south end of Ka’anapali Beach.


We were seated as the sun began to start its descent from the sky. After finding our table, receiving our leis, and sipping on the first of our Mai Tais we wandered over to the beach to catch the sunset.


The ocean front on Ka’anapali Beach offers some stunning sunset views!


As the sun set behind Lanai we watched as a canoe powered past.


The sunset oranges mixed pleasingly with the blues of the sky and the greens of the plants surrounding the edge of the beach.


As the sun sets we follow the crowd as dinner is served. The bountiful offerings of the luau satisfy the hungriest guests! Steak, chicken, and fish are perfectly accompanied by fresh salads, island fruit, and enough sides to pile your plate skywards if you so wish.


The Drums of the Pacific Lu’au knows that not every kid is going to be adventurous and tackle the main buffet. So they lay on some child-favorites ensuring your gang don’t go hungry!


As we settle back in at our tables and tuck in to the food our host for the evening introduces himself and kicks off the proceedings.


The evening’s performance followers the ancient Hawaiian traditions of telling stories through dance and music. Each act adds a chapter to the story of the Polynesian adventurers who found and settled Hawaii.


Hawaiian hula dancing is grace in motion.


As the light fades the surrounding palm trees stand out, silhouetted against warm sky.


It’s one piece of cloth, wrapped multiple ways. Pay attention as the versatility of this Hawaiian dress is demonstrated!


Audience participation is a highlight. Young or old, the stage is yours! Watch and learn from the professionals, and then try to copy …


Some of the acts come off the stage and get in amongst the seated guests. Have your cameras ready!


The Polynesian settlers that found Hawaii paddled their way here in canoes. Think about that as you count down the 5+ hours you’ll spend on your flight in!


As the story progresses the dances change to reflect different parts of the beautiful story of the history of Hawaii.


Color and movement are woven together to produce a visual spectacle. Much care and thought has gone into this production.


Our host keeps the story moving along, in song of course 🙂


When the warriors enter, those sitting on the beach-side of the venue get a special treat on the side-stage.


There’s a fierce warrior tradition to Hawaiian culture, highlighted by some hefty, athletic dances.


The raw energy of the warriors is tempered by the sweetness of the women. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean there is a rhythm to the Hawaiian people and it is depicted well in the contrasting scenes presented before us.


This guy liked his drum. He really liked his drum.


Wonderful colors and beautiful smiles produce happy memories.


The choreography is pleasing as the woman mirror each other’s movements through the dances.


New Zealand are represented here. Across the evening we were treated to stories the Pacific nations of Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, and Rarotonga. It was fascinating!


One of the highlights of the evening is the famed fire dance. With great skill burning torches are introduced to the proceedings, much to the delight of the crowd.


And theres some fire breathing. Naturally. (We love this shot!)


Quick hands make for stunning light trails. If you can, set your camera’s shutter speed to a lower setting to ensure you leave with creative photos.


The night draws to a close with a dance off from contestants chosen from the crowd. This is where those Mai Tais come in useful …


We have a winner!


Judging by the high applause everyone enjoyed their evening. We certainly did! The food was top quality, the show was fun and we learnt a lot!

After the show we took a stroll down the moonlit Ka’anapali beach. A wonderful end to a delightful evening.

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