The Importance of Giving: Ohana Fun’s response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma

When we started Ohana Fun several years ago much thought went into the naming of our company. We symbolically and intentionally adopted the Hawaiian word for family (namely ohana) for a variety of reasons. In Hawaiian culture, ohana means much more than your blood relatives. Ohana is your extended relational context of care, concern and responsibility.

We are so grateful to live in this paradise of Hawaii. A special place where millions upon millions of people around the world dream to visit (and a few of those millions actually do). We are privileged to share our islands with you. Our vision is to both work hard, to make sure you have a good time here, and ensure the revenue that comes into our land is put to good use.

Shortly after our company began in 2008 we started a program called Ohana First. The vision of Ohana First is to recognize that though we live in paradise there are real and significant needs that must be met. Since 2008 a portion of every dollar we have made has gone to feeding those in need, family relief and support, child development as well as many other similar initiatives here in Hawaii.

It has been with great sadness that we have watched the devastation over the past few weeks caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We have had many great people from regions affected by these storms come to Hawaii in happier times, talk with our agents on the phone and plan a trip of a lifetime. You are part of our Ohana and we pray for you and your neighborhoods.

To the rest of our ohana (those not directly affected by the storms): not all of us are able to go in, boots on the ground delivering supplies and rebuilding lives. But we can give financially to those that are able to. I’ve personally been involved in relief work in area of devastation around the world, and from experience I would caution to research well before giving money to just any organization.

We at Ohana Fun have partnered with Samaritans Purse in their efforts to revitalize those in the wake of Harvey and Irma. We are donating a portion of our profits, through Ohana First, to the work of Samaritans Purse to aid their efforts to provide support to those affected by these hurricanes. We may partner with more organizations in the coming days/weeks, but for those of you at a loss where to give I thought I’d share a starting place for your investigation.

Thank you. Let’s stand together with our ohana.

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