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Hawaii Hurricane Preparations

Current position and estimated track of Hurricane Lane at 11PM HST Tuesday 21st August 2018

If you are visiting, or are going to be visiting Hawaii in the next few days, then chances are you have heard of Hurricane Lane. It is hurricane season here in the Islands and we are currently on watch as Hurricane Lane approaches from the south-east.

As of writing, the Big Island and parts of Maui County are under a Hurricane Warning as Hurricane Lane moves on a north-west track, due to take it close to land. Oahu is under a Hurricane Watch too.

So, ‘hope for the best but prepare for the worst!’ It is – as always – better to be safe than sorry, so check out the tips below to help aid you in making the best of these stormy times.

Stay aware of weather conditions and any changes in storm status

There are many sites that have been keeping up to date information on Hurricane Lane. Three useful sources of info are:

  • Hawaii Tourism Authority are keeping a watch on Hurricane Lane, and linking to useful sources for further information.
  • The Central Pacific Hurricane Center (part of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) website is where many of the news channels get their weather information and is positing regular updates on Hurricane Lane.
  • MAUIWatch page on Facebook. This page on Facebook is a local Maui favorite and they have a partnership with Malika Dudley, a local meteorologist. They post updated information on storm status, local evacuation shelters, and other safety information.
  • Hawaii News Now. This local news outlet also updates their Facebook page frequently.

Keep in contact with your hotel on any safety and evacuation procedures they have for hurricanes

If your hotel has not sent out any memos, stop by the front desk and ask what procedures they have put in place. Each resort is different and will have different policies.

If you are not near your hotel and need to have an emergency plan, check out this list for all Maui County evacuation locations.

Stock up!

Water, batteries, flashlights, candles, and food that does not need to be cooked, such as beef jerky, bread, granola bars, etc. are all good items to have on hand in case of power outages. Better to have extra and be prepared than have to drive out in the storm, which leads us to our next tip …

At all costs, avoid driving in a hurricane

When under hurricane conditions do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary. Stay in your condo/hotel room, and wait until the storms die down before traveling anywhere.

Fill up your car with gas now

Lines and wait times will be ridiculous. After the storms have gone you’ll want to have a car full of gas.

Have cash on you

While you’re at it, best to get some cash too. ATM’s and credit card machines won’t be available for use if power goes out.

If you have activities booked, be sure to reschedule them for after the storm hits

There will not be any charges for changing or cancelling your reservations, and its better to rebook now than to wait, because they may be booked up after the storms hit. If you’ve booked your activities through us, call us on +1 (808) 214-1013.

Contact your airline to see if there have been any delays or cancelations

If you are planning to fly on the days the storms are here,  and to see what your options are to reschedule your flight. Many airlines may be able to waive change fees because of weather.

By continuing to be aware of weather conditions, being stocked up and prepared, and staying in your condo or hotel room will help keep you safe during these storms and soon enough, you’ll be back to enjoying your warm sunny tropical paradise!

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