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Flatbread Pizza Company, Paia: The Perfect Pizza For Organic Food Lovers

Imagine this: being on Maui, eating pizza. Need I say more?

Well, yes. There are a few different pizza places on Maui that deserve special shout-outs, but Flatbread Pizza Company is a long-time favorite of mine.

The restaurant is located in Paia town and is one of several great restaurants located nearby (it’s only a couple of blocks from Paia Inn Cafe –¬†another one of our favorites).

Aside from their amazing stone-fire oven in the center of the restaurant, where you can watch everyone’s pizzas baking in delight, there is one key¬†thing that makes Flatbread special:

Their commitment to sourcing clean ingredients.

Paia is known by locals as the most diet-restrictions-friendly town, and Flatbread Pizza Company is no exception. Can’t eat cow’s milk? Gluten-free? Flatbread has you covered.

Much of the food is organic, the meat nitrate-free and there is even the option to choose a gluten-free crust.

I’d like to also mention that their pizza is delicious. It is a thin crust, so deep-dish lovers may prefer Lahaina Pizza Company (located on Front Street), but Flatbread has what they do down to a perfect science.

I recommend the Jay’s Heart Pizza as well as Pele Pesto (or do a half-and-half), and on this last trip also enjoyed the pepperoni and mushroom. If you want to try some local brews while you’re there, the staff will be able to help you match your pizza for an ideal lunch or dinner date. You can see their full menu here.

Each regular pizza will feed 1-2 people, so plan accordingly. Also, their peak hours can get very busy, so a late lunch or early dinner is the way to go.

On your way out of town, pick up some gelato from Paia Gelato.

Where is your favorite place to get Pizza on Maui? Have you tried Flatbread Pizza Company? Let us know in the comments section below!

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