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Atlantis Submarine Tour from Lahaina, Maui

The Atlantis Submarine Tour in Photos

When we boarded the Atlantis Submarine tour to explore the waters off the coast of Maui we made sure we didn’t leave our camera behind.

Here are our photos from the tour, to give you a little idea of what you can expect from your Atlantis submarine adventure!

On board the charter vessel heading in Lahaina, Maui, about to head out to the Atlantis Submarine.

The adventure begins in Lahaina as we climb aboard the shuttle boat which will take us from the harbor to the submarine, currently out at sea.
All smiles as we head out to meet the Atlantis submarine.

It’s all smiles on this beautiful day. Camera gear in tow, we’re ready to get going.

Tip: if you’re bringing your camera (do it) make sure it’s easy to secure it to your person. There’s an ocean transfer from the boat to the sub, and a ladder down into the sub, that requires you to have you hands free.
Lahaina Harbor

We pull out of the harbor in Lahaina and chug slowly out to sea.Lahaina Harbor sitting proud with the West Maui Mountains in the background.

The majestic Maui scenery makes for some stunning backdrops as our transfer vessel heads out to meet the submarine. Stepping off shore, even briefly, affords some different views of the islands – which is why we love taking boat trips on Maui!A catamaran sits quietly at her berth in front of the West Maui Mountains.

More splendid sights greet us as we cruise down the coast a short way. The West Maui Mountains are looking very green at this time of year.
A Jet Ski plays in the wash of our boat off the coast of Maui.

A couple of Jet Skis find our boat and play in the wash. Jet Skis are available to rent on Maui between May and December and are a lot of fun!A Jet Ski rental takes off.

Anyone over 16 can drive a Jet Ski (under 18s need parental consent) and take younger passengers on the back. And you can rent them in pairs, doubling the fun!
Meet Roxie, the surface boat companion to the Atlantis submarine.

Our shuttle boat rendezvouses with Roxie, the surface companion the submerged Atlantis. All eyes on the look out now, where is this submarine?Keep a look out for submarines.

“Has anyone seen a submarine around here?!” We scan the waves, and then …The Atlantis submarine surfaces off the coast of Maui.

There she blows! The Atlantis submarine surfaces after a dive, just in front of our boat.Stoked to ride the Atlantis submarine.

Someone is stoked to be momentarily stepping aboard a submarine for the first time!Transferring to the Atlantis submarine from the shuttle boat.

We transfer from the shuttle boat to the submarine, holding on to the handrail as we gently bob in the ocean (submarines tend to prefer being under the water to on top of it).Leaving the surface as we dive in our submarine off the coast of Maui.

Once on board and in the body of the submarine we take our seats in front of large windows. The captain floods the ballast tanks and we slowly submerge beneath the ocean surface.
Eyes glued to the submarine window.

Everything turns blue inside as all the light is now reaching us through the water. Visibility is good and we can see quite a long way.The captain and co-pilot of the Atlantis submarine.

The captain and his co-pilot keep an eye on our course through the huge bow window.Fish surround the Atlantis submarine.

We immediately spot large shoals of fish swimming above reef. They pay next to no attention to us as we cruise past.An anchor on the sea bed.

Marine life isn’t the only thing we spot as we hover over the sea bed. This coral-encrusted anchor lies on the ocean floor, looking very much like a fish-tank accessory.A large fish appears outside our submarine window.

Some fish exhibit greater curiosity and swim closer for a visual inspection. Luckily we have a fish chart right next to our window to help us identify what’s what.Big fish next to our submarine.

We come across some larger fish. This one was perhaps a couple of feet in length.
It's hard to take our eyes off the windows during our submarine tour.

We daren’t look away for a moment, as there was always something swimming up unannounced. We get close to some big fish!
Being eyeballed by the fish on our submarine tour.

We might be a large, 48-passenger submarine, but these guys aren’t bothered one bit. They win the staring contest, every time.

The Carthaginian - a shipwreck off the coast of Maui

Next up, the Carthaginian. This replica 19th Century supply vessel was scuttled in 2005 to create an artificial reef to help sustain fish life in the area.
The bow of the Carthaginian.

We float past the eerie shipwreck, now a haven for marine life and divers. It’s quiet as we watch fish swimming through hole in the hull and superstructure.The Atlantis submarine has large windows to view the Carthaginian.

The large windows of the Atlantis submarine provide excellent viewing for the shipwreck. The Carthaginian is a large vessel and we get a good look at her from both sides as we cruise around.The stern of the Carthaginian, Maui.

Cruising past the stern we clearly see more marine life moving in on the shipwreck. With time the Carthaginian will attract more and more sea life and become a valuable part of the ecosystem here.The depth gauge of our submarine shows 129 feet,

We are now at our deepest point of the dive, with the depth gauge registering 129 feet. At this depth sea pressure is approaching 5 atmospheres – that’s 5 times the pressure we experience at surface level!Sharks!

Sharks! These white-tipped reef sharks are quietly cruising underneath the Carthaginian, acting incredibly lazily. They’re not bothered by us at all, even though we’re completely fascinated by them.Up to 48 passengers can enjoy each submarine tour.

We’ve all got good views of the sharks. The submarine is quiet roomy really, with two rows of seats running down the center of the vessel, looking out each side.Returning to the surface.

We’ve seen coral beds, fish, sharks, and a shipwreck on our cruise. From the very get go we were staring out of the windows, and our attention was held the entire time.

But now our journey comes to an end. The captain pumps air into the ballast tanks and we make for the surface.

The Atlantis submarine and her supply vessel, on the surface off the coast of Maui.

Once back on the surface we disembark the submarine and step back on board the shuttle boat.

The Atlantis Submarine prepares to dive.

The Atlantis hands us off and welcomes another group on board, before preparing to dive once more.

The Atlantis Submarine dives beneath the waves off the coast of Maui.

Dive, dive, dive! The Atlantis returns to the depths and a new adventure is beginning.

The Atlantis submarine submerges.

The tower slips beneath the waves and soon she is out of sight.

The West Maui Mountains.

We turn to Lahaina and look out across the sea back to shore.

The West Maui Mountains.

Does this view ever get old?
Lahaina Harbor.

We pull into our slip at Lahaina Harbor and disembark the shuttle boat. It’s early-afternoon, the sun is out, it’s time to hunt down some Shave Ice and enjoy the Lahaina shopping before heading for home.

It’s been an amazing adventure. The crew from the dock to the sub were fantastic, keeping us informed throughout our nearly two hours with them.

A whole new world was opened up to us on this day. The kids in particular loved their time and talked about for weeks to come. The Atlantis submarine tour is a wonderful family-friendly Maui activity, and we whole-heartedly recommend it!

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  1. Carol Payne says:

    Would love to do this. But how much does it cost. Will this be available in January.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hi Carol! Yes – the Atlantis tour runs in January (a lovely time of the year to visit Maui) and adult tickets are $115. Kids under 12 go free with a paying adult (1 per adult). More details on sailing times, prices, and everything else can be found here http://www.ohanafun.net/activity/show/atlantis_submarine_maui/


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