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Air Maui’s West Maui & Molokai Tour in Photos

We love to showcase some of the amazing activities in Hawaii through photos and video (Did you see the Te Au Moana luau in photos?)

This time we’re excited to share one of the most popular helicopter tours on offer.

This Air Maui West Maui & Molokai (45min) Tour was incredible. The conditions on the day were perfect – light breezes and clear skies – and the surf was pumping.

Our Air Maui chopper, ready to departPeering through the fence at the Kahului Heliport. Our (sky) chariot awaits.

The Air Maui departure lounge

The Air Maui waiting lounge with lovely Air Maui staff (just out of shot).

Our Air Maui helicopter is silhouetted by the early-morning sun

We’re off! A helicopter flight feels less like an airplane flight, and more like a car-ride. Albeit a car that’s hovering in the sky.

Flying above the private jets at Kahului airport

Kahului Airport spreads out beneath you as you skim across the row of private jets.

Air Maui 45 min West Maui & Molokai flight, heading out from Kahului airport

Gaining altitude and bringing the nose around. Next stop: the ocean and on to the West Maui Mountains.

The West Maui mountains stretch ahead of us as we fly across the surf with Air Maui

The surf was up! (Nov’ 2014) For some reason I found a certain Wagner soundtrack playing in the back of my mind. Thank you for that, Stanley Kubrick.

Paddle boarders surfing outside Kahului harbor

Paddle Boarding just outside Kahului harbor.

The surf by Waihee as seen from the air

Skimming the surf alongside the West Maui Mountains.

The West Maui mountains in early-morning sunlight

These early-morning flights (8am) take advantage of the best conditions of the day. Visibility was superb, with a few scattered clouds adorning the peaks.

And in to the valley! The steep, green sides stretch up around you as you head deeper into the jungle.


Hovering in a deep valley, Maui

We’re about to head into this crevice …

Towering waterfall in the West Maui mountains

We hover on the spot as we watch the water cascading down. The views from the helicopter are impressive. (Top tip: be sure to wear darker clothes to prevent your reflection on the helicopter’s windows impairing your vision)

Heading out of the West Maui mountains, through a valley heading towards Honolua Bay

After taking in the waterfall we swing around and head North East.

Flying down a valley, Maui

The valley exit-ride is just as impressive as we head towards Honolua Bay.

Honolua Bay in the distance

As we approach Honolua Bay we see the surf is going off! On these sorts of days the snorkelling is out. Head to the cliff top and watch the pros doing what they do best.

Big surf at Honolua Bay! As seen from Air Maui helicopter above.

Solid, overhead swell. Oo err!

Circling above Honolua Bay in our Air Maui helicopter

We spin around, watching the surfers from above, before pointing the nose towards Molokai.

Moku Hooniki Rock - between Maui and Molokai

Crossing the channel between Molokai and Maui. The island that looks like a giant Honu (turtle) is Moku Hooniki Rock. It’s one of the premier diving spots in Hawaii, and one of the best places to get a selfie with a shark (so we’ve been told).

Secluded house on shore of Molokai, Hawaii

Landfall: Molokai. This house is the picture of serenity and seclusion.

Molokai Valley

We head over Molokai in hunt of the north shore and more waterfalls.

Molokai Waterfall

Deep pools fly into deeper pools as this river makes it’s way to the ocean. And that means we’re coming up on the Sea Cliffs …

The Molokai Sea Cliffs are the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Standing between 3600 and 3900 feet at their tallest, they plunge towards the Pacific.

Feel like you’ve seen these before somewhere? When Molokai isn’t being Molokai it’s busy being Jurassic World

Secret spot, north shore Molokai

An unridden wave on the Molokai north shore.

The towering heights of the Molokai sea cliffs, as seen by helicopter

We drop down to skim the waves and fly along the foot of the sea cliffs.

Our Air Maui pilot did a great job!

Our pilot did a great job. His narration and flight skills were superb. By the by, just how stoked would you be to have his job?!

The back side of Maui

After crossing back to Maui we fly over the back road – seemingly  draped over the hills like spaghetti – shrouded in mist.

Air Maui 45 min West Maui & Molokai TourThe runway signals the end of the trip, with a gentle landing returning us to terra firma.

The flight is done by 9am, although I completely lost track of time up in the air. With the whole day yet ahead of me there was plenty of time to head back to the harbor and find some waves to play in. Epic day!

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