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5 Romantic Date Ideas For Your Maui Vacation or Honeymoon

There is a reason so many people come to Maui to propose, get married, take a honeymoon or celebrate a wedding anniversary: Maui is a very special place. And with it’s beautiful beaches, waterfalls and sunsets it’s a pretty romantic place too.

But where are the best places to go if you want a romantic outing with the one you love? We’ve come up with 5 romantic date ideas so you can up the romance on your Maui vacation.

1) Go for a Picnic on the Beach

Why not make the most of Maui’s golden sands and sunny weather and go for a date at the beach?

Pack a cooler with starters, mains and desserts. Remember wine or your favorite drink too. Bring chairs or a blanket to sit on.

We recommend taking a stroll down the Wailea beach path, on the South side of Maui and stopping off at one of the many beaches you’ll meet along the way. Look out for more secluded spots!

Settle down for dinner about an hour before sunrise so you can enjoy your food in the sun and then snuggle up with the one you love as you watch the sunset. Bring a flash light so you can navigate back to the path.

If you’re not great with picnics and fancy something more upmarket, then take a stroll down Keawakapu beach on the South side before heading to Sarento’s on the beach for an Italian meal with a view.

2) Take Time to Stargaze

You can see a lot of stars from Maui on a clear night! Why not do a spot of stargazing together?

The obvious place to see the stars is of course from atop Maui’s volcano Mt Haleakala. Why not be doubly romantic and watch the magnificent sunset before taking time to gaze up at a sky full of stars.

If you’d like a guide to tell you about what you’re seeing then Maui Stargazing offer 2 hour tours up Haleakala. They bring their telescopes so you get an even closer look!

Another great place to go is The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lahaina. This has been named the world’s top hotel for stargazing.

Each night they put on a Tour of the Stars from their rooftop. At 10pm they have a special Romance Tour of the Stars for over 21 year olds, where they offer you wine and strawberries as you stargaze.

Prices for the romance tour are $40 per adult for Hyatt Guest and $45 per adult for non Hyatt Guests.

3) Enjoy a Sunset Dinner Cruise

There are many sunset dinner cruises which leave from the West and South sides of Maui. These cruises board late afternoon and last between 2-3 hours.

On board you will be served cocktails and dinner as you watch the sun setting over the ocean. If you and your partner like dancing then select a cruise with live music and a dance floor and enjoy dancing with the ocean all around you.

Depending on the time of year, you might spot a dolphin or a Humpback whale out at sea. If you leave from Maalaea then be sure to look out for turtles by the harbor wall!

4) Swim in a Waterfall Pool

Maui boasts many stunning waterfalls. What could be more romantic than taking a dip in a natural fresh water pool with the one you love?

The best place to go for waterfalls is along the road to Hana. The nearest place along the road is Twin Falls, which involves an easy hike up to the waterfalls and a great place to swim.

A little further along the road to Hana there is Pua’a Ka’a State Park. This little state park has restrooms, picnic benches and a stunning waterfall to admire and take a dip in. There is no hike involved here.

If you’re looking for a full day out then head to the Seven Sacred Pools (Pools of ‘Ohe’o) in Haleakala’s National Park Kipahulu. Here you will find cascading waterfalls and plunge pools, as well as a longer hike through a bamboo forest ending up at the famous Waimoku Falls.

5) Relax together with a couple’s massage

If relaxation is the name of the game, then book yourself in for a couple’s massage! After all, vacations are all about getting refreshed and Maui has a whole range of very nice spas.

Why not pick somewhere you can enjoy your treatments side by side? This is an ideal way to show your spouse that you care – whilst giving yourself some TLC as well.

We hope you enjoy our top 5 romantic date ideas for your time in Maui! Where is your favorite romantic place on Maui? Let us know in the comments section below.

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